Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Dental Health Can Systemic Impact

Oral hygiene are important things that need to be maintained. Oral health is not only related to issues in aesthetics only, but also can cause serious health problems.

The emergence of diseases related to teeth such as caries (tooth decay) or periodontal disease (infection of the tooth / dental plaque), for example, can be fatal to the health of the body.

There are two types of disturbances in the teeth and mouth that can cause systemic disease.

If not addressed quickly can cause the microbes in dental plaque, spread and cause systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, respiratory diseases, diabetes and even cause premature birth.

Caries or tooth decay is the disease on dental hard tissue that is email, dentin and cementum that ferment carbohydrates on the teeth.

Caries process is characterized by the occurrence of demineralization of dental hard tissue, followed by damage to organic materials that cause bacterial invasion and damage to the pulp tissue and spread infection to the periapical tissue and cause pain.

While periodontal disease is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that accumulate in the plaque, which causes gingival inflammation, so it is often also called plaque disease.

He said, just as other organs, oral cavity is a gathering place for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Oral bacteria can spread through the bloodstream, called bacteremia.

From the study reported that bacteremia occurred in 100 percent of patients after tooth extraction, 70 per cent after cleaning tartar, 55 percent after surgery three molars, and 20 percent after root canal treatment of teeth.

In normal oral health condition, only the number of bacteria that enter the bloodstream and not harmful. However, in individuals who have poor oral hygiene, then the number of bacteria on the surface of the teeth increased 20-10 times, so the chances of bacteremia to be larger.

Focal infection theory states that the infection in the oral cavity is responsible for the occurrence and development of three systemic namely cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis.

But of the three most influential are cardiovascular disease, because bacteria can gear directly into the body through the bloodstream. This shows that the teeth and oral cavity can function as a pathway for disease-causing microbes other body gets.

Although in some developing countries reportedly have been improved or improving oral health, but dental and oral health problems remains a challenge that needs filling.

In this case, it takes an active part of society to behave in a healthy life that starts from ourselves. Not enough just to keep the habit alone, but must also try to avoid some risk factors for oral disease such as smoking, alcohol and stress. Also, get used to a diet with balanced nutrition, reduce intake of sugar and and visit the dentist regularly at least twice a year.

It can be concluded that oral health is well maintained to prevent someone from suffering the risk of oral disease and systemic disease.
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Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Wine Fruit to Overcome Insomnia

One more benefit of grapes. People with insomnia or restless sleep, turned out to be helpful so you can easily close my eyes with this fruit.

In grapes, there is a hormone called melatonin, a hormone that serves to regulate our body's biological clock. Starting at 18:00 this hormone begin to flood our bodies until it is full at around 22.00. At that time we are getting sleepy and sleep.

People insomnia have less of this hormone melatonin. The signs of insomnia are not only difficult to sleep, but also awakened from sleep and could not sleep anymore. One solution so I can sleep is to eat grapes. 1 serving of wine would suffice. 1 portion of the same wine grapes by consuming 6-8.

Melatonin is only working at night, whereas during the day is not functioning because there's sunlight. But he was often deceived. At the moment we are in the dark space (even in the daytime) or melatonin will dim then go out and make us sleepy.

Overcoming insomnia by consuming wine would be better if accompanied by drinking milk. But not yet known when lelapnya since he ate grapes.
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Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

Tea for Health Benefits

Who's thirsty? Maybe you should drink a cup of tea. Not only thirst that would disappear, the tea also contained a variety of healthful benefits.

"Drinking tea is actually better than drinking water. When the water only to replace lost fluids, tea double benefit, eliminating the liquid and also contains antioxidants," said Dr.Carrie Ruxton, nutritionist and researcher.

Antioxidants in tea, flavonoids, beneficial to reduce cell damage from free radicals. Some studies have even linked flavonoids with reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.

To get the content of antioxidants in tea, the British Nutrition Foundation recommends consuming 1-6 cups of tea per day, either green tea or black tea. Even so, those who are vulnerable anemia is not recommended to be too much to drink tea because tea can inhibit absorption of iron from food.

Although tea contains caffeine which can draw the liquid out, but according to Ruxton cup of tea, even coffee, will give the body more than the removal of water.
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Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Married Men Rarely Stress

In addition to making life more meaningful, was married and a family can make a man healthy, long life, and rarely stressed.

Health benefits gained from marriage is derived from the low stress hormone, cortisol, and combination of other factors. The low level of cortisol is to make someone respond with better psychological pressure.

Although pernihakan also bring its own stress, men who marry will be easier to deal with other stressors in her life.

His research involved 500 students who are given a series of computer games that create stress. Of all respondents, 40 percent of men and 53 percent of women married or have partners. The researchers also collected saliva samples to measure levels of cortisol and testosterone, before and after the game.

At the beginning of the study, men and single women have the same levels of stress hormones compared to participants who are married. In contrast levels of stress hormones married men is lower, as well as levels of testosterone.

According to researchers, low levels of testosterone is a natural thing and can be easily found in primates or birds that have paternal behavior.

Low body's ability to deal with stress is an important prerequisite in the health and life expectancy. Those who experience prolonged stress more easily fall sick because of lower body resistance. Stress in the long run can also cause blockages in blood vessels which inevitably result in heart disease.
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Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Passive Smokers, Children Can suffer Hypertension

Children who live with parental smokers at greater risk of suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, although they are still small. In fact, hypertension in children can continue until they grow up.

Hypertension in children is a state of systolic blood pressure and / or diastolic average is at large equal to 95 percentile for age and sex, who performed at least three times of measurement.

Hypertension in children divided into two categories, namely primary hypertension when the cause of hypertension can not be explained. Hypertension is usually associated with hereditary factors, the input of salt, stress, and obesity. Meanwhile, secondary hypertension occurs as a result of other underlying diseases, such as kidney disease.

In recent research led by Dr Giacomo D Simonetti from Children's Hospital University of Bern, Switzerland, stated that secondhand smoke is a risk factor of hypertension in children.

In his research, Simonetti and his team examined the data on 4236 boys and girls aged 5-6 years living in the southwestern part of Germany. Approximately 29 percent of the children's father and 21 percent of their mothers were smokers. As many as 12 percent of children also have parents who smoke.

After accounting for other heart disease factors, such as birth weight, premature birth or parental hypertension, the researchers found that parental smoking is an independent factor on the incidence of hypertension in children.

The study also found children whose mothers smoke have worse effects on blood pressure than if exposed to cigarette smoke from his father.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease in adulthood can be started from the age of the children by avoiding risk factors, including avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke. The consequences may last long term.
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