Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Wine Fruit to Overcome Insomnia

One more benefit of grapes. People with insomnia or restless sleep, turned out to be helpful so you can easily close my eyes with this fruit.

In grapes, there is a hormone called melatonin, a hormone that serves to regulate our body's biological clock. Starting at 18:00 this hormone begin to flood our bodies until it is full at around 22.00. At that time we are getting sleepy and sleep.

People insomnia have less of this hormone melatonin. The signs of insomnia are not only difficult to sleep, but also awakened from sleep and could not sleep anymore. One solution so I can sleep is to eat grapes. 1 serving of wine would suffice. 1 portion of the same wine grapes by consuming 6-8.

Melatonin is only working at night, whereas during the day is not functioning because there's sunlight. But he was often deceived. At the moment we are in the dark space (even in the daytime) or melatonin will dim then go out and make us sleepy.

Overcoming insomnia by consuming wine would be better if accompanied by drinking milk. But not yet known when lelapnya since he ate grapes.

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