Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Passive Smokers, Children Can suffer Hypertension

Children who live with parental smokers at greater risk of suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, although they are still small. In fact, hypertension in children can continue until they grow up.

Hypertension in children is a state of systolic blood pressure and / or diastolic average is at large equal to 95 percentile for age and sex, who performed at least three times of measurement.

Hypertension in children divided into two categories, namely primary hypertension when the cause of hypertension can not be explained. Hypertension is usually associated with hereditary factors, the input of salt, stress, and obesity. Meanwhile, secondary hypertension occurs as a result of other underlying diseases, such as kidney disease.

In recent research led by Dr Giacomo D Simonetti from Children's Hospital University of Bern, Switzerland, stated that secondhand smoke is a risk factor of hypertension in children.

In his research, Simonetti and his team examined the data on 4236 boys and girls aged 5-6 years living in the southwestern part of Germany. Approximately 29 percent of the children's father and 21 percent of their mothers were smokers. As many as 12 percent of children also have parents who smoke.

After accounting for other heart disease factors, such as birth weight, premature birth or parental hypertension, the researchers found that parental smoking is an independent factor on the incidence of hypertension in children.

The study also found children whose mothers smoke have worse effects on blood pressure than if exposed to cigarette smoke from his father.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease in adulthood can be started from the age of the children by avoiding risk factors, including avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke. The consequences may last long term.

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