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Get Fit with Pilates Gymnastics

Ideal posture, usually determined by the spine are good also. This can be obtained from regular exercise. Well, gymnastics became one of the choices.

Many promising gymnastics establishment of good posture. One of them just Taebo and Yoga. Finally, there are also other types of sports bodies are capable of and considered to be very useful to form the body posture pilates.

In the USA pilates lately become well-liked even by Hollywood celebrities. A series of artist from Uncle Sam like Madonna, Jennifer Anniston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Uma Thurman, Claire Danes, Sharon Stone also undergo this exercise,

Sports Pilates is an exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. This method focuses on flexibility and flexibility throughout the body.

This exercise can improve posture less than perfect and also to correct the problems associated with spinal disorders.

Movements in gymnastics this pilatelis a combination of art, sports of the East with the West. At first glance, his movements look like Yoga, but different.

Movements in this exercise assisted by several tools. In every movement is accompanied by special breathing techniques in practice in every movement.

Breath technique used is not the stomach or chest, but with the diaphragm, insulation between the chest and abdomen, so it will mempelancarkan circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain more quickly.

The basic movement in Pilates exercise that has existed since the 1920s is more emphasis on concentration, breathing, centering motion, motion control, precision in movement, isolation of muscle being trained, and routines.

The core of the movement pilates exercise more muscles of the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks, where the muscles are trained not only the outer muscle, but also muscles in the (deep muscle) are rarely used as the focus of regular gym workout. Empowerment of muscle in the body will have an impact on muscle strength and better flexibility.

All movements in Pilates looks very easy and light. But, for beginners will be very heavy indeed, considering his movement is not done repeatedly, such as movements in aerobics.

When doing Pilates, movement accuracy, combined with correct breathing pattern will make a person become the focus and and have better reflexes.

Because it is not cardio training, Pilates does not drain the sweat or stimulate the heart rate. This must be done in the frequency with which trained quite often are the abdominal muscles, lower back, around the pelvis, and buttocks.

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