Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Family Support for Stroke Patients

Brain blood obtained through two main arterial systems. If until there is interruption of blood flow, called a stroke on one of these systems, though only a few seconds, can cause a variety of dramatic effects in many brain functions. In general, patients will experience a disability, even death.

Disability is so sudden it often makes the stroke patient difficulty adapting to new conditions so that the effect on mood. Some stroke patients are also more emotionally labile, being easily offended, easily crying or acting childish.

Emotional changes tersebu, is normal. The reduced capacity of brain tissue from stroke would also affect brain function, in addition to the function of motion also affects the psychological and attitudes. Moreover, the majority of stroke patients lose their independence.

Physical changes experienced by stroke patients can make them feel alienated from the people and they have the perception that he is no longer useful because they now rely on others.

That is why, post-stroke recovery is intended not only to restore the independence of the patient but also restore the social aspects so that they feel their lives are also berarti.Prinsip rehabilitation in stroke recovery is defined as the process of education and problem solving to reduce ketidakampuan experienced person as a result of the disease.

Rehabilitation starts from the onset of stroke and continued for the long term, especially in the patient's home. Therefore, the family also needs to be trained in practical patient care in the home.

Activities that need to be considered for patients feel there is variation in life are social activities include family meetings, moderate exercise, and sharing with other stroke patients.

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