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Cycling Over Five Hours can Interfere of Sperm?

Those who have an active lifestyle with regular exercise would always feel how it impacts and benefits for health. For the men, in particular, during this exercise are believed to help boost and maintain stamina.

However, when associated with fertility rates, exercise was not necessarily the same applies. Research in the United States indicates, sports activities do not give any impact to both the quality and quantity of sperm in most men.

Even so, there is one exception, namely those who like cycling. Data research shows that men who pedal a bicycle at least five hours a week appears to have fewer sperm and the number of active sperm is lower than their more sedentary.

The tendency is that most types of exercise had no effect on semen quality. Only a few specific types of sports and sports that require a high level of intensity that has impact.

Previous research indicates that the level of competitive athletes suspected to have problems with sperm quality. To assess the truth of sport relationship with sperm quality, researchers conducted a study involving thousands of men. Research reports were published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

For the study, researchers followed 2200 men who did the examination of sperm in the three fertility clinics. Respondents were asked about general health and physical activity. To eliminate the influence of other factors that may affect the health of the sperm so that exercise becomes an independent factor, the researchers used statistical tool to move the influence of the use of multivitamins, weight, blood pressure, choice of underwear, and so forth.

From the research results revealed that men who exercise regularly, even fairly diligent, tend not to have a problem with quality or quantity of sperm than those who never exercise.

However, when looking specifically at the type of sport, a man who claimed to regularly cycling five hours in a week tend to have the quality and quantity of sperm are low.

Among men who did not exercise regularly, 23 percent have a low sperm count and 27 percent have poor sperm movement. Among men cycling at least five hours a week, almost 31 percent had low sperm counts and 40 percent by the quantity of sperm is less good.

Too early to tell if cycling activities on a regular basis can cause problems with sperm. Further studies need to be done to strengthen these findings before then considered to be the cause.

According to him, it is possible that male respondents were included in this study are not representative of the population in general. Because the male respondents were those who went to the clinic so that the most likely to have problems with sperm.

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